Politik Kariyer

Mehmet Ağar

Turkish Politician

In 1996 , he served as the Minister of Justice in the 53rd Government and as the Minister of Internal Affairs within the 54th Government (Refah-Yol Coalition). Agar, who did not approve the Libya tour of Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan , resigned from his post on 8 November 1996. Ağar was elected as an independent deputy by getting 68.540 votes from Elazığ in the elections of 18 April 1999.

The years when he served as the Chief of Police, Minister of Justice and Minister of Interior were the periods when the fight against terrorism was intense. At the DYP 7th Ordinary Congress held between 14-15 December 2002, he was elected as the leader of the True Path Party by providing absolute majority in the first round . He was re-elected president with 1071 votes at the 8th Ordinary Grand Congress held on 14-15 May 2005.

Shortly after the results of the 22 July 2007 general elections in Turkey began to be announced, at around 19:30, it was understood that his party could not pass the threshold, and he announced through his press advisor that he resigned from the chairmanship. However, it was stated that the party could not hold a congress and a written resignation letter was expected from him to elect a new chairman because he did not officially resign afterwards.